Text Twist 2 – Your Ticket In World Of Educational Games

If you’ve played the words game Text Twist by TextTwist2.io, you’ll be pleased to learn that an update to the most popular brain-boggler is now available. Although the name could be more innovative, Text Twist 2 has some new features that will bring an extra dose of fun to the already captivating gameplay.Similar to the game that was played before, Text Twist 2 challenges players to create words using jumbles made of letters prior to time running out. If you can make more sentences create more words, the greater the reward. Players have the choice to select either six seven or eight-letter puzzles to create words from. This option is an upgrade from the earlier game, which only had six-letter puzzles.

The majority of the features in Text Twist 2 are the identical to the predecessor However, there are a few important differences.

  • Players now have the choice of solving the jumbles using Timed or untimed modes. In contrast, while Timed mode is a great way to put the pressure on, the Untimed mode is intended for players who are casual. Word puzzles can be solved at the user’s own pace You could consider this”the “just for fun” mode.
  • The full version includes three completely innovative modes: Lightning, Crossword and Word of the Day. The lightning mode provides players with five letter jumbles they need to solve as quickly as they are able. Crossword allows players to fill in the spaces by using letter jumbles. Word of the Day is an everyday challenge that includes the addition of a new word in the game.
  • Two “free passes” that can be used to get around the requirement of each round to have a six-letter word. When those passes expire the players have to find the word that is required for the round or they won’t advance.
  • The new version comes with 24 trophies for players to get by completing all challenges.

In the end, the game’s new approach isn’t enough to cover the game’s weaknesses. For instance, some pluralized words are recognized by game’s word register, but the singular versions aren’t. Additionally, the new game modes (aside that of Untimed) are available with the complete version that requires a purchase. Text Twist 2 is still entertaining, but those who played the first version are bound to be enthralled by this one too. It’s still a great time to pass the afternoon particularly if you’re a word-loving.